Schleier Waterfall in the Wilder Kaiser

60 metre high rock dome - the mecca for climbers

Schleier waterfall in the Kaiser parish of Going

The Schleier waterfall in Going, embedded in the Wilder Kaiser mountains, is a spectacle of nature par excellence that is well worth a visit. The Schleier waterfall at the foot of the Maukspitze is a mecca for extreme climbers, so action is guaranteed. In the middle of this 60 metre rock dome a lively mountain spring falls into the deep over the rock like a veil (Schleier) forming a small pool at the base which is very inviting for a dip on hot summer days. It is also not uncommon to find a handful of fanatic climbers at the Schleier waterfall on a warm winter day, far from the hectic pistes hanging on to the rock face without even wearing a T-shirt, as the "Schleier" is popular for climbing all year round. It also seems to be a popular spectator spot with hikers taking a seat on the red bench to watch the vertical acrobats.

Topos Schleierwaterfall in Going at the Wilder Kaiser

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Schleier Waterfall - The climbing Eldorado in the Wilder Kaiser

There are around 150 climbing routes and several unclimbed projects with the main degree of difficulty being from 7 upwards. Some of the hardest routes in Europe can be found on this rock formation - it is a rarity to have so many routes grade 10 in one place. In the meantime there are so many beautiful and difficult routes that it's hard to know where to start, and it may be hard to believe but even more routes are being developed on the Schleier waterfall.

Topos Schleierwasserfall Going Wilder Kaiser (2,7 MB)

Climbing history: Alexander Huber and Guido Unterwurzacher

Alexander Huber, described by Reinhold Messner as the best of all rock climbers, enhanced the "Schleier" at the end of the 1980's with several grade X and XI routes thus making it a leading area worldwide. There is hardly anywhere else in the word where there are so many grade X climbing routes (approx. 150) That's why Alex is at the "Schleier" so often! The young Guido Unterwurzacher from Going, climbing partner and friend of Alex, described what the Schleier means to him: "The Schleier is a stone temple for a community of like minded people. This is where everyone learns their limits, grows and develops themselves. All that counts is the next move, the next handhold. All life's trivialities fall away while the spray of the waterfall cools your back down." At the end of the 1980's the Bavarian Alexander Huber enhanced the climbing area with several difficult routes of grade 10 and 11 which made the climbing area the most difficult in Europe, making this part of the Wilder Kaiser very well known. The "Schleier" has been featured in many technical journals books and articles and its mighty overhangs and magnificent waterfall attracts mountain sport enthusiasts from all over the world. Various routes have been set in eternity by such famous names as the Huber brothers, Stefan Fürst, Gerhard Hörhager etc.