Pfarrkirche Going 'zum Hl. Kreuz'

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Kirchplatz 1, Going am Wilden Kaiser


The earliest documentary evidence of the village church dates back to 1398. On 11 November of that year, Lienhart Graswein issued an endowment to the Andreaskirche church in Kitzbühel on the condition that the church in Going was to receive a financial contribution once it had been consecrated. It is therefore certain that at the time this document was written, a church had already been built in Going or there were at least plans to that effect. This Gothic church ultimately came to be considered too small or outdated and was given a Baroque overhaul in 1723/1724. As the shear forces for the new lunette vaulted ceiling were calculated incorrectly during the conversion work, the building sustained structural damage after a relatively short period of time. When these issues could not be resolved, it was decided to build an entirely new replacement.

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Pfarrkirche Going 'zum Hl. Kreuz'Kirchplatz 16353 Going am Wilden Kaiser(0043) 5358

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