Musikfestival 'Schlagersterne' at Wilder Kaiser


Schlager-Stars festival at the Wilder Kaiser 2022

After the lockdown, there is a lot of catching up to do culturally, and that is what Ellmau wants to do next year with a new music festival. On 17 and 18 June 2022, Travel Partner and the Wilder Kaiser - Ellmau Tourism Association will bring a new festival to the foot of the Wilder Kaiser under the title "Schlagersterne".

The stars of the folk music will include Sonia Liebing ("Ich will mit dir - nicht nur reden"), Nik P. ("Ein Stern, der deinen Namen trägt"), Maite Kelly ("Einfach Hello"), Giovanni Zarrella ("Ticket to the moon") and the daughter of the "Bergdoktor", Ronja Forcher ("Tanz für Dich").

Planned programme:
Thursday, 16.06.2022 from 5pm
Ellmau Summer Night

Friday, 17.06.2022 from 8pm
Ronja Forcher, Sonia Liebing and Nik P.

Saturday, 18.06.2022 from 8pm
Giovanni Zarrella and Maite Kelly

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  • 17.06.2022
  • 18.06.2022

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