Running get-together



Running get-together

lundi 4 mai 2020

18:00 - 20:00 HeureLu.

DorfAlmLanglaufen. Radfahren. Laufen6360 Söll


LRL Söllandl and Sportfreunde Söll decidet to invite everyone to a common running club.

This running club will take place every Monday at 06:00 p.m (07:00 pm in july and august). in all weather conditions.The meeting place for all running enthusiasts or those who still want to become, is at festival place - DorfAlm. We will decide how your fitness graduate is and in which group your able to run.

"What's the goal?" NOT how fast or how many miles you can run.
Membership of one of the clubs is not necessary and participation is free.

Duration: approx. 1 hour, 200-300 vertical meters


Langlaufen. Radfahren. LaufenA - 6360 Söll(0043)


LRL SöllandlLanglaufen. Radfahren. Laufen(0043)


LRL SöllandlLanglaufen. Radfahren. Laufen(0043)


LRL SöllandlLanglaufen. Radfahren. Laufen(0043)

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