Treasur hunt for the whole Family

03.06.2020 - 10.06.2020


Treasur hunt for the whole Family

mercredi 3 juin 2020

12:15 - 15:15 HeureMe.

Infobüro ScheffauDorf 286351 Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser


An exciting journey around the Hintersteinersee, spiced up with a great treasure hunt for young and old.
We need you detectives.

Registration: Tuesday until 17:00 clock online or in one of the touristinformation offices Wilder Kaiser
Participants: at least 4, max 20 people
Price: free participation with Wilder Kaiser GuestCard, this programm is only for guests with the Wilder Kaiser GuestCard
Duration: from 12:15 to 15:30
You need: hiking shoes, sun- and rainprotection, something to drink and eat, maybe bathing clothes
Suitable for: children from 5 years accompanied by the parents
Meeting point: touristinformation office Scheffau, Dorf 28, 6351 Scheffau


Dorf 28A - 6351 Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser(0043) 50509

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