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Cherryfestival at the Hexenwasser



Cherryfestival at the Hexenwasser

Sunday, July 9, 2017

11:00 - 14:00 ClockSun

Söll- HexenwasserStampfanger 216306 Söll


The families in long become iconic pilgrimage matured Hexenwasser in Söll launched this year for the 3. with a special emphasis in an exciting, new season:
The cherry is made by the Court.
Not any cherry, but the so-called "black Hohe Salve cherry" that were once considered withered branch from


Cherryfestival at the HexenwasserSöll- Hexenwasser Stampfanger 21A - 6306 Söll(0043) 5333 5260bergbahnen.soell@skiwelt.atwww.hexenwasser.at

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