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Schleier Waterfall crag


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Not only is the Schleier Waterfall most certainly one of the most beautiful climbing areas in Austria, it’s also one with the greatest number of difficult routes. At the foot of the Maukspitze, in the centre of the 60-metre high dome of rock, a sparkling mountain stream plunges into the depths casting a veil of spray. The “Schleier” (veil) amphitheatre, with its unique landscape, perfect rocks, south-facing location and large overhangs, is ideal for climbing all year round. There are more than 200 routes and lots of projects, including some of the toughest routes in Europe and it’s rare to find so many in one place. 'Famous climbers such as Alexander Huber, Markus Bendler and Adam Ondra made a name for themselves here by being the first to complete climbs such as the Open Air (9a+), White Rose (9a/9a+), Mongo (9a) and Fugu (9a). But many traces are also to be found of Guido Unterwurzacher, the “Master of the Mountain” and an exceptionally talented local climber.


  • Starting point: Hüttling car park, Going (820 m)
    Approach: From the Hüttling car park in Going, follow the forest road no. 818 heading towards the Schleier Waterfall. At the Moor&more intersection keep to the left and then immediately turn right onto the path and forest road no. 818 and keep following this heading for the Schleier Waterfall.
    Approach time: about 40 min
  • On the B178 coming from Wörgl, Kufstein or St. Johann take the turnoff at the "Stanglwirt" in Going and then keep right and follow the Aschauerweg to the Hüttling car park (Moor&more/Aschingerkapelle).
  • Hüttling car park, Going (Aschingerkapelle - parking charge €3.00)


Graspoint Niederalm

Graspoint Niederalm

Graspoint Niederalm

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