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Schwendterweg 2, Going am Wilden Kaiser


It is a river that carries our well-being. It flows through our body without us consciously noticing it. If this flow gets out of step, harmony on a mental and physical level is missing. From headaches to sleeping problems to concentration problems - the reason often lies in energy blockages. There are many different ways to meet them, to release them and thus to restore mental and physical well-being. Yoga exercises, healing stones, color therapy, Reiki, singing bowls - every person responds to a different form of energy harmonization. In the namaste Yoga Lounge I offer a wide range of Yoga, Nuad Thai and energy work.

Inquiries gladly by telephone or mail.

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namaste YogaloungeSchwendterweg 26353 Going am Wilden Kaiser(0043) 699 1107

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