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Winter Guest magazin Söll

Here you can find winter information about Söll!

Guest programme Winter

With the Wilder Kaiser GuestCard you can benefit from numerous inclusive and bonus services. You'll receive your Wilder Kaiser GuestCard by checking-in at the accommodation.

Lodges in the Wilder Kaiser region

In this brochure you find information about all huts in the region Wilder Kaiser.

Moor and more

Discover the moorland areas in Going of varying sizes with flora and fauna which is unique in Europe.

Sport and alpine climbing, Via ferrata

In this brochure you find more information about the climbing routes.

Prices and info cablecars summer

Have fun with the whole family in one of the 6 mountain adventure parks!

Prices and info cablecars Winter

Information about the skipass prices, skilifts, slopes, lodges, restaurants and bars.

Activity program + guest card summer

Here you find our guest programme. In Summer the weekly programme is so packed with entertaining, adventurous, exciting and sporty activities.

Stamp booklet

Collect stamps when you are on a hiking tour and visit the tourist information and see what prices they have!


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