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Filzalmsee Hochbrixen

Mountain adventure for the whole family

Filzalmsee in Hochbrixen

The picturesque Filzalmsee Hochbrixen is a jewel of the Kitzbühel Alps lying at 1,300 metres. Here the focus is on stimulating the senses naturally and to deliberately heighten the encounter with the mountains. There are different ways to experience the Hochmoor-Biotopic at the Filzalmsee: to feel it up close in the moor's mud wading pond and paddling pools or by learning a bit about it in the display cabinets. The hiker is refreshed from head to toe at different points on the Panorama paths round the Filzalmsee, with Kneipp arm baths and foot reflexology massages on the barefoot path.

Culinary delights at the Filzalmsee

The mountain inns around the lake indulge the guest with typical Tyrolean specialities, and next to them is an area for seminars in the mountain air and exhibitions.The lasting effects of the mountain adventure worlds is as simple as it is ingenious. Understanding and respecting nature in a playful way has a regenerative effect. A mountain walk by the Filzalmsee is also great fun for the children with the water giant, adventure playgrounds and enchanted forest.