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Horse-drawn carriage rides

Sleigh rides in the Wilder Kaiser

Haflinger horse
Haflinger horse

Winter sports are great, but now and then you really do have to put your feet up on a sunny terrace or lean back in comfort and enjoy the surroundings. A horse-drawn carriage ride is perfect for this. On a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow covered countryside you can appreciate the Wilder Kaiser region at a contemplative pace and discover the villages of Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Söll at leisure. On the way the carriage driver regales you with village tales and stories about the old farmhouses. Similarly the perfect end to a day of sporting activity in the Tyrolean mountains is on a romantic horse drawn carriage ride as dusk falls, snuggled up under warm fur blankets breathing in the snowy air with the only sound of the horses hooves. There is no day-to-day life, just the pleasant anticipation of a Glühwein,mulled wine! Horse-drawn sleigh rides are available in the Wilder Kaiser villages of Ellmau, Going and Söll.

Horse-drawn sleigh rides, carriage rides in the Wilder Kaiser